Our K-1 Fiance visa was denied! What do we do now?

It is unfortunate that your K-1 Fiance visa was denied. We know how dissapointed you and your Fiance must be. However, all is not lost! Many K-1 denials can be reversed and it all depends on the reason for the denial.

You may be upset, and you may be in a rush. However, do not simply resubmit your K-1 Fiance Visa petition without doing a proper review and correcting any issues. 


Denial Reasons

To understand the next step, you need to understand why the visa was denied. Common denial reasons include:

 The government is quite picky and insists on forms being filled out completely and correctly. If a field requires an answer, do not leave it blank. Instead, type ‘none’ or ‘n/a’. This shows that you did not omit answering the question. Your form should be free of any typographical errors before submitting them.
Your application needs a lot of supporting documentation. This documentation should accompany your application, and accompany your fiance to the interview. The best defense is a good offense…and in the case of immigration law, more documentation is always better than less.
Immigration law can be complex. It is easy to make a mistake on the process. If you submit the wrong thing at the wrong time, your application will likely be kicked back to you. Be sure to follow the full process.
The way you need to view the entire Fiance visa process is that you at all times have the burden of proof to show that your relationship is legitimate, you intend to get married, you are not engaging in marriage fraud and so forth. It is NOT the governments responsibility to prove guilt. It is your responsibility to prove innocence. Many K-1 denials take place because of insufficient proof on behalf of the applicant(s) of their true intent.

If your petition was denied at the Consulate during the interview, you should take immediate action. Refer to our Knowledgebase article here for more information. 

Remember, all is not lost. You are welcome to contact our office for a free review of your denial. Use the contact-us form and specify as much information as possible, including the denial reason, what was denied (your K-1 petition or the visa at the consulate) and any other information you think is important. Please be prepared to send us you I-129f and the denial letter.