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Our office takes a personalized approach to your case. As a skilled immigration attorney, I realize that your case is more than just a number, it represents your livelihood and expresses your desire to make the United States your home. That is why, when you select us to represent you, you will receive personalized attention and always have access to an attorney.

Our office practices immigration law exclusively. We can assist you with Immigrant (“Greencard”) visas and Non-Immigrant visas (including K-1 Fiance visas, F-Student visas, H-1B employment visas and more). Please contact us for more information.  
The US Immigration system is comprehensive and strives to offer every potential immigrant with a wide range of options, including the ability to sponsor your family members, work in this country and, ultimately, become a US Citizen. These laws can however be confusing, requiring knowledge of a myriad of forms and procedures. More importantly, legal counsel is particularly valuable to represent you during the process when complexities arise. An immigration lawyer can provide you with assistance through the entire process, easing what can be a stressful time. Our practice areas include:
 The various non immigrant visa types are for those people coming to the United States for a temporary visit, such as on a tourist, business or student visa. Note however that some of these visas may in fact ultimately lead to immigrant status, such as those entering on a H, L or K visa.
Immigrant visas are issued for those who are coming to the United States permanently. This is typically to sponsor a family member for a greencard.
Asylum is a process whereby a person may be granted temporary or permanent protection in the United States for those fleeing persecution in their home country.
Removal is the process whereby the US government attempts to remove or exclude an Alien from the country. This is commonly referred to as deportation.

Do I need an immigration attorney?

This is a question often asked. The answer really is “it depends”. It depends in part on the complexity of the process you are undertaking, and in part the amount of time you have to invest. The USCIS has done a very good job explaining the various forms and providing good instructions with those forms. If you enjoy, and are good with, reading forms and instructions there is often no need to engage an attorney. Once I hear the details of your case, I may advise you that it will be more cost effective for you to proceed on your own. The benefit of using an attorney is that the USCIS and consulates have come to expect certain information in the applications and immigration attorneys know what to include to make a compelling argument. This is not some “secret” but instead just comes from extensive practice in the field and following all the latest developments. To be clear, no immigration attorney has the ability to influence a case or outcome, but they can ensure that you receive the best and most complete representation through your immigration journey. Please note that although I am in Atlanta, we serve immigration clients nationwide, and offer state-of-the-art technology to make sure that physical location is never a problem. All documentation is submitted via a secure portal accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. We would love to have the opportunity to serve as your legal counsel. Please contact us for representation within the US immigration system. As a potential visitor to this country, we would like to say Welcome. As a potential immigrant, we would like to say Welcome Home! +Chris du Toit

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